Where I can best help you
Sales transformation
▸  Reposition the sales strategy, moving focus onto high-value solutions and partnerships, beyond a box-shifting supplier position
▸  Integrate European operations and sales forces at country level to re-align with the strategy of the new parent company, following acquisition
▸  Launch and execute a complete sales force solution at country level, from scratch
▸  Restructure international sales operation to focus on key geographies, market sectors and solutions

An experienced hands-on change agent / trouble-shooter to convert your high-level strategy into the reality of your day-to-day sales operation. Accomplished international Sales Director & country Managing Director.

What can I do for you?

Turnaround the business and deliver profitable growth

Drive business change with the ability to energise, prioritise & execute

Coach and train the sales team to optimise performance

Key outcomes include:

Increase sales, margins and profitability

Align the team with a clear sense of direction, common goals and focus

Raise the energy and motivation of your team

Sales Turnaround
▸ Restructure, rebuild and refocus sales teams while reducing complexity
▸  Implement a complete sales system
▸  Open new markets in Europe & Middle East
▸ Execute an international sales improvement program following a strategic review of the sales force
▸ Develop an entire sales and account management program (where there may be none before) from small teams of less than 5 to over 250 people
Sales Performance Improvement
▸ Increase sales penetration through a structured, systematic approach to account planning
▸  Manage sales teams more effectively: individual sales plans, performance  
    measurement, individual & team reviews, rewards etc.
▸ Target, train and develop line managers and  sales people
▸  Implement robust systems that keep individuals on track and on target
▸ Develop the high performers, manage and replace under-performers as required, reduce headcount as necessary